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Best Web Hosting

Best web hosting for WordPress and best website hosting

Hello, friends we all know the best web hosting provide us best result in SEO as well and speed. So guys here are we provide you best hosting that is good if you are using WordPress.

Hosting provides you the best storage like SSD and HDD that are some types but I recommend you to go with SSD storage web hosting that is really fast speed up your website.

I am not going in deep knowledge in this article but yeah if you read this all article then you can choose the best hosting for your website or blog.

So guys I specially recommend you read all article to choose your web hosting.

Before we start here are some points that you clear in your mind so you are not confused in later.


I know that we are all confused that what is up-time so don’t confuse in up-time. The website is live time is called uptime. When server down then that are called downtime.

Now all hosting providers are say that we are providing 99.9% up time so that is good.


Bandwidth is the data that access per second. I recommend you that when you purchase any hosting select a plan that provides you unlimited bandwidth. Because if bandwidth is limited then our website speed slow.

Here are some best web hosting provider In India

NoWeb Hosting NameBest Buy
1SitegroundBuy Now
2HostingerBuy Now
3BlueHostBuy Now
4GreengreeksBuy Now
5ResellerclubBuy Now
6ScalahostingBuy Now

1. Siteground

Siteground is the best hosting and it has the best speed I have ever seen here is the plan.

Here are some features of Siteground web hosting


2. Hostinger

Hostinger also best hosting provider with cheap price I have use Hostinger on this website if you are beginner and recently start your blogging carrier I suggest go with hostinget really good hosting.

Here are some features of web Hostinger hosting

hostinger performance
Hostinger Plan

3. BlueHost

BlueHost web hosting is provide ultra features and add on like Multi-Server Management, Access Control, Content Delivery Network Best hosting and it has many plans for you.

BlueHost Plan

4. Greengeeks

Greengeeks hosting also the best hosting that is found in 2008. Greengreeks client especially from Canada, US, Netherland.

Some features of Greengreeks web hosting

greengreek Plan

5. Resellerclub

Resellerclub provide best hosting in cheap price with many tools.

Resellerclub Plan

6. Scalahosting

Scalahosting is a provide best website speed that are decrease the time of your loading of website or blog and user are able to see fast speed. These hosting provide best security and free SSL certificate.

This hosting claimed that World’s #1 Rated Cloud & Web Hosting Provider by Trustpilot



Can you have a website without hosting?

Yes, it possible with web 2.0 websites like Blogger and WordPress that provide free hosting but there is no customisation available for for website or blog.

Is Bluehost the best web host?

Yes, It has best customer support and good server uptime that 99.9% you can go with Bluehost it has really good performance.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Yes, I really recommend that if your are a beginner start your hosting with Bluehost really good customer support and speed.

Why Sitegroud is expensive hosting?

Because Sitegroud is a really powerful hosting and that are provides SSD storage and strong customer support.

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Best web hosting at a cheap price as well all buying guide with a review to choose the best hosting for your website. Also, mention all shared hosting plans in detail for better understanding. So buy the best web hosting and start your business.

We know the Best web hosting Sitegroud, Hostinger, Greengeeks, Resellerclub, Bluehost, Scalahosting Now choose best and start your business I recommend you go with Bluehost Or Hostinger

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