Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers – EOS And BNB

Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers – Hi Guys I Hope You Are Doing Well. Here We Are Back With Another New Quiz Contest From Binance. Participate In The Binance Quiz And Have A Chance To Win Upto $10 Worth Of Crypto Tokens In Your Binance Spot Account For Free.

Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

In Binance Learn And Earn Quiz On 16th February 2023, Users Can Learn Blockchain Knowledge And Complete Quizzes For A Chance To Earn Free Crypto. All Binance KYC Verified Users Can Participate In This Learn & Earn Course. We Recently Provided CoinDCX DOGE Learn & Earn Quiz Answers So Also Checkout That.

The Quiz Will Be Live From 2023-02-16 09:00 (UTC) And You Can Easily Participate In This Quiz. All Binance Users With A Kyc-Verified Account Can Read The Lessons, Watch Videos, And Complete Quizzes To Earn A Predetermined Amount Of BNB, BUSD, SOL, HOOK, And HFT While Token Supplies Last.

Time And Details Of Quiz:

Contest NameBinance Learn And Earn Quiz
Quiz RewardUp to $10 per account
Binance Quiz Time02.30 PM IST
Quiz Date16th February 2023 At 09:00 UTC

How To Participate In Binance Learn & Earn Quiz & Chance To Win Upto $10

This New 16th February 2023 (2:30 PM) Binance Learn & Earn Is Valid For All Users

1. First Of All Download The Binance App From The Playstore.

2. Now Sign Up And Complete The Registration Process.

3. Now On The HomePage You Will See The Official Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Banner.

Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

4. Click On The Banner And Then Start The Quiz And Submit Them One By One.

5. Here We Provided All Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Below.

Binance Learn & Earn BNB, EOS Quiz Answers

  • Quiz Date: 16th February 2023
  • Time: 02.30 PM IST
  • Reward: Upto $10 Per User
  • Binance Quiz Link: Click here

Binance BNB Quiz Answers

Question 1: BEP-2 BNB Is The Native Coin Of Ethereum. True Or False?

Answer: False

Question 2: What Use Cases Does BNB Have?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 3: Which Token Standards Exist For BNB?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 4: Owning BNB Provides You With A Share Of Binance’s Profits.

Answer: False

Question 5: Which Token Standards Exist For BNB?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 6: BNB Was Originally Issued As A:

Answer: ERC-20 Token On Ethereum

Question 7: What Was BNB’s Initial Sale Price During Its Distribution?

Answer: 1 ETH For 2700 BNB And 1 BTC For 20,000 BNB

Question 8: BNB Launched Through An Initial Game Offering (IGO) In 2017?

Answer: False

Question 9: Total Supply Of BNB?

Answer: 200 Million BNB

Binance EOS Quiz Answers

Question 1: The EOS Network Consumes Significantly Less Energy Than Bitcoin And Ethereum And Is Certified Carbon Neutral.

Answer: True

Question 2: EOS Is Leveraging Its Technology To Unlock Use Cases In Gamefi, Defi And, More Broadly, The Metaverse.

Answer: True

Question 3: The EOS Network Has An Insurance Program Called Recover+ That Protects EOS Defi Users From Hacks.

Answer: True

Question 4: Which Of The Following Performance Metrics Does EOS Achieve?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 5: Who Is The Founder And Current CEO Of The EOS Network Foundation?

Answer: Yves La Rose

Question 6: Who Is The EOS Network Designed For?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 7: Which Of The Following Is Not Characteristic Of The EOS Blockchain?

Answer: Expensive Gas Fees

Question 8: In An Effort To Achieve Absolute Code Independence, Community Engineers, Led By The EOS Network Foundation, Performed A Non-Contentious Hard Fork Of The EOS Codebase.

Answer: True

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Binance BUSD Quiz Answers

Question 1: What Is The Name Of The BUSD-Pegged Token Binance Offers On BNB Chain And Other Chains?

Answer: Binance-Peg BUSD

Question 2: What Is The Total Supply Of BUSD?

Answer: Just Over 22 Billion

Question 3: Which Chain Is BUSD Minted On By Paxos?

Answer: Ethereum

Question 4: Who Regulates BUSD?

Answer: NYDFS(New York Department Of Financial Services)

Question 5: Who Mints BUSD?

Answer: Paxos

Question 6: What Fiat Currency Is BUSD Pegged To?

Answer: U.S. Dollar

Question 7: BUSD Is Backed 1:1 With:

Answer: Cash Reserves

Question 8: How Can You Purchase BUSD Or Binance-Peg BUSD?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 9: What Can BUSD Be Used For?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 10: Which Of The Following Descriptions Is Incorrect?

Answer: BUSD Doesn’t Provide A Monthly Basis Attestation Report.

Binance SOL Quiz Answers (Solana)

Question 1: Which Of These Is Not One Of The Technical Design Features That Allow Solana To Process Transactions At A Higher Rate?

Answer: Proof-Of-Work

Question 2: As Of September 2022, What Is The Energy Impact Of A Single Solana Transaction On Average?

Answer: Less Than A Google Search (~500 J).

Question 3: What Can You Use SOL For?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 4: What Is The Average Solana Transaction Fee?

Answer: $0.00025

Question 5: What Is Saga?

Answer: A Crypto-Friendly Mobile Phone That Uses The Solana Mobile Stack

Question 6: How Quickly Does It Take The Solana Pay Protocol To Process A Transaction Globally?

Answer: A Few Seconds

Question 7: Firedancer, A New Solana Validator Client Being Developed By Jump Crypto, Can Process How Many TPS In A Test Environment?

Answer: 1,200,000

Question 8: Solana Uses Mining To Secure Its Network.

Answer: False

Question 9: As Of December 2022, How Many NFTS Have Been Minted Using Solana?

Answer: 22,700,000

Question 10: Which Of The Following Established Companies Support Or Have Integrated Solana?

Answer: All Are Correct

Binance HFT Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which Exchange Was The First To List The Hashflow Token (HFT)?

Answer: Binance

Question 2: How Much Does Hashflow Charge In Fees?

Answer: 0%

Question 3: What Makes Hashflow Different From Other Dexs?

Answer: Hashflow Uses The RFQ Model For Market Making.

Question 4: What Is HFT’s Utility?

Answer: Governance And In-DAO Health & Rewards.

Question 5: What Is Unique About Trading On Hashflow?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 6: How Does One Start Trading On Hashflow?

Answer: Connect Your Wallet.

Question 7: What Is The Hashverse?

Answer: Hashflow’s Story-Driven And Gamified Governance DAO.

Question 8: What Is Hashflow’s Total Volume?

Answer: $11 Billion

Binance HOOK Quiz Answers

Question 1: What Is Hooked Protocol?

Answer: Web3 Gamified Social Learning Platform

Question 2: What Is The First Pilot App Of Hooked Protocol?

Answer: Wild Cash

Question 3: What Is The Latest Number Of Monthly Active Users Of Wild Cash?

Answer: Over 3 Million

Question 4: What Network Did Hooked Protocol First Launch On?

Answer: BNB Chain

Question 5: How Many Hook Will Be In The Circulating Supply Upon Listing?

Answer: 10% Of Total Supply

Question 6: How Does The Hooked Token Structure Work?

Answer: There Is An Only Utility Token uHGT

Question 7: Which One Of The Following Is The HOOK Token Function?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 8: Hooked Protocol Is Building The On-Ramp Layer For Massive Web3 Adoption, Providing Tailored Learn & Earn Products And Onboarding Infrastructures For Users & Businesses To Enter The New World Of Web3. True Or False?

Answer: True

Question 9: Who Are The Target Users That Hooked Protocol Will Provide Services To Fulfill The Mission?

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 10: What Are The Highlights Of Hooked Protocol Achieved So Far?

Answer: All Are Correct

Binance Gift Card Quiz Answers

Binance Gift Card Quiz Answers

This Quiz Is Only For New Binance Users Who Never Never Send, Receive, Or Redeem From Binance.

Question 1: What Is A Binance Gift Card?

Answer: A Gift Card Lets You Send And Receive Cryptocurrency In A Fast, Simple, And Customizable Way With Zero Fees To Both Binance And Non-Binance Users.

Question 2: With Binance Gift Card, You Can:

Answer: All Are Correct

Question 3: Cashback Gift Cards Provide The User Cashback In:

Answer: Gift Cards

Question 4: Sending Crypto With A Gift Card Requires:

Answer: Funds In Your Spot/Funding Wallet For Payment

Question 5: Physical Binance Gift Cards Support Over:

Answer: 270+ Cryptocurrencies

Question 6: A Stablecoin-Denomination Gift Card Allows You To:

Answer: Gift Cryptocurrencies In An Amount Fixed To The Value Of Another Asset

Question 7: The Binancegift Card Marketplace Is A Place To:

Answer: All Are Correct

Terms And Conditions – Binance Learn & Earn Quiz

  • All New KYC Users Are Eligible To Participate In The Program. Illegally Bulk Registered Accounts Shall Not Be Eligible To Participate Or Receive Any Rewards.
  • Rewards Are Limited And Are Available On A First-Come, First-Served Basis. Users Can Only Claim The Reward For Each Course After Completing The Quiz.
  • Eligible Users May Complete Multiple Quizzes To Claim Multiple Rewards.
  • The Actual Value Of The Reward Received May Be Subject To Change Due To Market Fluctuation.
  • Rewards Will Be Distributed Within 48 Hours To Qualified Learners Who Pass The Quiz. Users May Check Their Rewards Via Account > Reward Center.
  • Binance Reserves The Right To Disqualify Trades That Are Deemed To Be Wash Trading Or Illegally Bulk Registered Accounts, Self-Dealing Or Display Attributes Of Market Manipulation.
  • Binance Reserves The Right To Terminate The Activity At Any Time Without Prior Notice.
  • Binance Accounts Can Only Be Used By The Account Registrants. Binance Reserves The Right To Suspend, Freeze Or Cancel The Use Of Binance Accounts By Persons Other Than Account Registrants.
  • Binance Reserves The Right Of Final Interpretation Of The Activity. Binance Reserves The Right To Change Or Modify These Terms At Its Discretion At Any Time.
  • Where Any Discrepancy Arises Between The Translated Versions And The Original English Version, The English Version Shall Prevail.

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