Blogger vs WordPress In India 2020 Full Details


When we think to start blogging as a career confusion create Blogger Vs WordPress. If you have a question which one choose by me then read all the article.

There are options available but the thing is what platform we can start.

Now, friends, I am also confused about those things but then I research more then I go with one of the following.

I am sharing my experience with your friends. Because I know you are searching for best which can be a blogger or WordPress.

Many users link blogger because that are money-saving and there is no problem with hosting as well. Many users like WordPress because there are many tools and plugins available.

In blogger not many options for customization for design. In WordPress, you have available so many customization options.

Difference between Blogger Vs WordPress


  • It is a free platform.
  • Free domain with Blogspot.
  • You need to purchase a domain that you want and connect with it.
  • Free hosting is best hosting and that is better than any other cheap hosting.
  • Simple interface.
  • No to many customization options.
  • No 3rd party plugin installation.
  • Fast speed of hosting.
  • Best for free users that are starting their blogging courier.


  • You have to purchase hosting and domain.
  • No free domain.
  • You have to purchase.
  • There are lots of customization options available.
  • Support third party plugin for SEO ranking.
  • There are so many attractive interface themes available.
  • Best for who money spending power high on blogging.

Start a blogging career with you are comfortable. That both are good now you choose which one is your requirement.

If you want more customization best themes and all stuff then go with word press. otherwise, go with a blogger that is the best platform to starting a blogging career.

Focus On your content not on the platform or themes or customization. If you are successful in the blogger then you can easily transfer your website to WordPress. So stay focused.

Write quality content for the user that is the user can visit on your website double. Make a reliable user interface don’t do any confusion for users.

I am using WordPress because I need more customization that will help me to rank my article. For that purpose, I use that I already said that use which one comfortable.

Which is better Blogger Vs WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress both the same for Adsense. The difference only that is in WordPress got non hosted approval.

How make your blog simple readable attractive?

We write our blog there are lots of things depends on writing skills. Which is quite an impact on the SEO of posts so use simple words for users can better understand?

Don’t do any types of confusion with people like the first para and fifth or 8th para quite the same.Blogger Vs WordPress

Choose a simple theme that is essential and doesn’t to mistakes with means not more mistakes.

Users have come to your article users are searching for their solution so that is clearly mentioned. Make sure that the user is comfortable when reading.

When you start blogging must buy a domain because the hat is most important. You can use the rating system on your blog that is good for SEO.

Why most people use WordPress?

1.Many Design Option

Themes are well designed and good looking which is an advantage.


There is optimization for a search engine that helps to rank the post and good reach. Also, help organic traffic on the website.


WordPress supports so many plugins that are provided by so many companies. That helps in SEO and design that all things that we want.

Friends, now I think you understand all the things that I am showing throughout the article post. If anyone needs help please help them by sharing the article. Thanks for reading my article as well.

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Which is the best Blogger Vs WordPress solved in this article? Why it is best for the SEO all things clear.



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