How To Create a Youtube Channel In 2020

Hello Friends in this article I will show you that how to create YouTube channel and start online money earning with the monetization of the YouTube with AdSense that is most of the interesting and powerful platform to interact with people and communicate with people and get more reach of the following and subscriber and engaged with the people regularly by making interesting topic YouTube videos that attracts the people.

In this article, I will show you step by step process of making a YouTube channel.

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Why YouTube Channel Is Important?

  • You will get more reach.
  • Your engaged power will more than other platforms that are an awesome thing.
  • You can monetize your channel with Google Adsense and make money by showing advertisements.
  • You will get more traffic.
  • Closing connection with audience

Step By Step Process Of Making YouTube Channel

Now friends please read all the things carefully so you get to know well all the things that I show in this article please read all carefully for making YouTube channel professionally.

Step 1:-

Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2:-

Then click on the right corner of your account logo then go to setting option and click over there.

Step 3:-

Now in that, you will see the create a YouTube channel option click on that.

Step 4:-

Now you will see the option that creates a personal channel or create a business channel then selects create a personal channel.

Step 5:-

Now select the category that suitable for your channel.

Step 6:-

Then your YouTube channel is created successfully now you are done.

Which size YouTube channel art is required?

For YouTube channel art for the background to look channel awesome and interact, people,

YouTube says that a 2560 x 1440 pixel image needs with a 4 Mb size that is required.

How to upload a video on YouTube?

On YouTube home page header section you will see the upload button simply click on that select that which video do you want to upload and make sure that the video is completely ready for uploading now the after that you will show that write the title name description or tag etc, so enter that all information related to video and make sure that all information correct and the simply click upload when it 100% complete then video is public now you can search and view your video and share with buddy for more get reached then you are done.

Top tips to good look and engagement subscriber

When you fill the YouTube video description that will the most effect on index of ranking and SEO in that YouTube give you to 1000 words to write about the video that is most important you have to write about the video and all the keywords that the on title as well included that are hep to rank your channel and your YouTube videos automatically that is most important suggestion I will give you to be a good YouTuber and fast-growing tips for growing your YouTube channel I have experience about it well for that purpose I share my thoughts that make sure you do not do the mistake that all.

I am sure that now you know to all things cleared if you have any suggestion please comment down I will definitely answer them all.

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Create the best YouTube Channel that rank in top and SEO videos all things and how to create a YouTube channel on YouTube.

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