How To Get Amazon Affiliate Approval In 2020 Full Details

Hello, is your Amazon Affiliate rejected this article to help you amazon affiliate approval. In this article, I am sharing some tips to get an amazon affiliate approval. So please read all article so you get knowledge about the approval.

First of all, I am sharing my experience that I am so many tried to get approval. But there are so many situations and that why I get rejected 5 times.

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I am very nervous at that time but I do not give up and tried. Finally from search many times I get an answer.

I mailed them but the response is very poor from an affiliate of amazon.

Tips For Getting Amazon Affiliate Approval Easy Way Step By Step Guide Must Read

  • First, make a free blog website.
  • Then make a post of product simple copy pest all information regarding product without amazon logo.
  • Make sure you do not mention the price on the website.
  • Simply share your blog link do not share your affiliate link directly.
  • You can add widgets from amazon affiliates websites that are a good option.
  • Then make sure visitors visit the website then buy the product.

8 Tips To Avoid Amazon Affiliate Or Seller Account suspension

  • Do not share links in Whatsapp by any massage like a charity with link amazon affiliate.
  • Do not link any banner on the website with an amazon logo or product price.
  • Do not do campaign advertisement for amazon affiliation link for selling products.
  • Do not force anybody to buy the product through the website or direct link.
  • Follow all rules of amazon affiliation that can avoid your suspension.
  • Do not share the link through E-mail.
  • Do not Violate the amazon trademark policy.
  • Sale minimum of 3 products that are must for the avoid suspension.

Follow these all steps that I explained to make sure that you do not violate any terms and conditions. We all know that Amazon is the biggest shopping website in the world. So don’t cheat with them.

Reasons For Reject Amazon Affiliate

For your kind information read these points and make sure you do not do that

  • When you share links that are on another platform like What-app, telegram, etc.
  • Used logo or symbol of amazon, kindle, amazon prime, etc.
  • Used amazon in the domain of the website that is not required.
  • Share your affiliate product link on another website.

What are common mistakes that are responsible for rejection of the amazon affiliation?
Don’t do that thing so you can easily get the approval of amazon affiliation.

That all steps are you have to follow correctly so get approval.

When Amazon Affiliate Reviewed Your Application?

Amazon affiliate needs 3 successful sales that are shipped completely. After the first three successful sales, they will review your application.

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The genuine way that I explained to you then you have to get affiliate approval and in future avoid suspension.

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Avoid suspension and not mistake with your sale so that you get approval.

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