NEAR Community Quiz Challenge Answers – Earn 3 NEAR Token

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NEAR Building Infrastructure Of Decentralized Web, Including The NEAR Protocol Smart Contract Platform And A Variety Of Supporting Tools. NEAR Is A Scalable Blockchain And That Is Designed To Provide The Performance And User Experience of Those Users.

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NEAR Community Quiz Challenge Answers

  1. What Kind Of Platform Is Skyward Finance?
  2. Which One Of The Following Is NOT Possible On Skyward Finance?
    Pump And Dump Immediately In The Same Pool
  3. What Is The Price Discovery Mechanism That Avoids Skyward From Bot And Sybil Attacks?
    All Of The Above
  4. Do You Need $SKYWARD Tokens To Create A Sale Or Participate In A Sale?
  5. What Kind Of Platform Is Ref.Finance
    Multi-Purpose Defi Platform
  6. Which Of The Following Is NOT Possible On Ref.Finance At The Moment?
    Smart Route Trading Across Pool
  7. How Much $REF Was Distributed During Its Token Sale On Skyward Finance?
    2,500,000 $REF
  8. What Is The Feature That Is NOT Included In The 2021 Product Roadmap?
    DEX Aggregator
  9. Which Of The Following Below Is/Are True About Rainbow Bridge?
    The Only Trustless Cross Chain Bridge With Ethereum
  10. Which One Of The Below Is A Lending Protocol?

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